Transcribed by Dee Clark, contributed by Kathleen Haynes      Contact Myrtle Bridges     September 12, 2011

Shanghai, China
Jan. 29 - 1899

Dear Sir:
If you will see in E. Chamber suit Raleigh, N.C.  We will probably arrange rent debt to your satisfaction.  You ought not to come 
down as you did enter publishing and as a borrower when the fact is the money was not for me at all but for the Clemonsville 
newspaper, in which I had some interest motive. I said to Col. Tate that the paper was short of funds and if he would help I 
would be responsible. Not a cent of the money did me any good particularly. I lose $3,000.00 in rent about to publish a democratic 
newspaper. Mr I.E. Avery might pay you rent soon if you show him this letter.  I loaned him nearly that amount that evening we left 
for home and aided him in other respects, but suppose we hire many others when not being prosperous. However I think in kind will 
explain matters to more satisfaction. I estimated your vasties highly and all will be properly arranged.  I hope to be leaving before 
a great rebuild. 
Frank P. Tate, Pres. Morganton, NC
V.R. Jernigan

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