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July 13 - '99
Happy July
My Dear Wilhelmina
         I have been so long in answering your dear sweet letter I am almost ashamed to write it out now.  But "Wa tina" dear 
you know I am bad for writing as well as a bad writer, so you must just excuse (pg-2) me and over look the short comings of your 
little old friend, for they are many and easy to find.  First let me sum a text, A the most interesting subject (!)  of this letter -   
If you will let me I am going to see you some time next week. So you see Miss you got your self in (pg-3) it when you asked me to 
visit you. The other day I heard one of my Pa's Cousins, or at least two of them will be coming to see us some time in August.  
Probably about the first - so thought it over and immediately said I was going to Morganton much for fear I would not get to at all   
So you see(pg-4) how much I did want to go in spite of all you said to the contrary.  But Wilhelmina, not if for any reason it is 
not perfectly important for you to see me at this time- you must not hesitate to write me-  I do not know yet what day I plan to go 
but not before Thursday or Friday (pg-5) I think. But if I go will write you what day to expect me.  I have been bothering Sadie to 
see if she would go with.  She is rather un-decided as to whether she can get off, but, I think she can and I think maybe she will.  
What have you been doing with your dear old self?  

I have been lately(pg-6) at home, but have been really busy.  Last night is a blur-  I was in Lenior ten days. Had real a real fine 
time as Mrs Fletcher was there almost every night I was.  So of course I stayed long.  I have you that little hook bracelet with five 
little hearts in it you never saw. I have four other hearts {pg-7)   promised me but haven't gotten them yet.   You know how crazy I 
was for a bracelet in fun when you were here so they may become yours instead of mine.  

The Bassett girls are still here as of course from New Land and stayed over a great deal the time.  Ida & Louise are both mighty sweet 
girls and tis a pleasure to have (pg -8) them in the house By the way Louise says give you her love and says tell you your little note 
twas mighty sweet.  Ida says she is an "un-known quality" but sends love in an unknown quantity.  Please let me know as soon as you can 
whether it will be convenient for us to come visit.  With dearest love for you all-  Fondly - Louise

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